In 2007, Karen Mertes was hit by a drunk driver as she was driving on the highway.  That driver was going 100 mph. She was an Active Duty Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force and as she saw her life flash before her eyes that night, she knew life would never be the same.


Her near fatal car crash became a turning point for her.  She was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and knew that she was going to have to re-learn who she was and who she was going to be in the world.  She had made a promise to herself that night that if she survived, she would spend her life in service to others.


And all these years later, that’s exactly what she’s doing.  In 2010, she created Fulfill Your Destiny, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit program that helps entrepreneurs get the leg up they need during a difficult time or after a life-altering event.  She does this through her signature program called Business Builder Grants that awards business owners in the Tampa Bay area $1,000 scholarships that allows them to purchase or invest in items they desperately need to move to the next level of their companies.  


During this incredible conversation, Karen shares…


  • How and why she’s structured her Non-Profit in a way that is very entrepreneurial; with little to no administrative costs so that her donors know that their monies are going directly to the recipients of the grants.
  • How she manages scaling herself by leveraging community members and organizations!
  • How she dealt with the emotional impacts early on after her accident where who she was and who she was now going to be clashed.
  • Her philosophy that every business owner can work in some sort of give-back programming into their business model!  And why her scholarships are having a ripple effect in the community because of it!
  • Her view of life balance...and her unapologetic ways of living and breathing her mission!

Karen is absolutely incredible and I know you’re going to take away so much more than the practical parts of business we discuss...I promised you’ll leave this interview feeling inspired!


Check out more about Fulfill Your Destiny here →


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