To say that Eva Vennari does “hair analysis” to help you become healthier does a major disservice to the big work she is up to in the world.  


Almost 2 decades ago, Eva found herself having major burnout.  I’m not talking about just a day or feeling overwhelmed, but like her entire energy had been zapped for good.  And after a near-death experience on the highway and a realization that her inability to truly be present and conscious in her life was impacting everything, she decided to embark on a journey to feel heal herself.  


It took her 15 years of asking questions, implementing a slew of modalities and lifestyle changes to get her to the point that she felt solid...healthy...and...ready to help others who also wanted to live vibrantly.


For 8 years now, Eva has run The Elevate Institute, a program that helps high performing individuals eradicate fatigue, burnout and overwhelm and live healthy, aligned lives.  The initial phase of this work is examining hair samples - which allows her to work with people all over the world - from which she creates a customized healing plan and works with individuals regularly to implement it and see results.  


During this incredible conversation, Eva shares…


  • How she knew that her level of burnout needed to be addressed seriously - the symptoms and the signs (maybe you recognize some of them?)
  • How she realized that speaking in jargon was actually closing people off to the great work she could do for them!  And thus, realizing that communicating RESULTS woud get people’s attention!
  • How she cleverly works with her “competition” to help her scale her services and make more money!
  • How she creates purposeful marketing after she gets super clear on her ideal client!
  • Ways she “walks the walk” and stays joyful, present and healthy in her own life!

If you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed or in total burnout and think you might need the incredible services Eva provides, definitely go check out her website →


The new year is here and I’m sure you’re feeling fired up to make this the best year yet for you! But guess what? That fire...that focus...that determination...if you’re’s going to dissipate over the course of the next few weeks.  Because your best laid plans get interrupted by life, by surprises, by unintended occurrences.  And sometime in March, you’re going to raise your head from the hurricane of ideas, tasks and work you’ve been submerged in and remember those big goals you had back in January and wonder how in the world you can get back to a place of making them come true this year.  


You’re not alone, girl.  We all start out the year strong and if we don’t have a program or the accountability or the structure to keep us focused and intentional with how we’re spending our can all get lost.  It’s happened to me. And it’s happened to so many other amazing women entrepreneurs I know!


Which is why I decided that this year is the year I wanted to work with just a handful of driven, determined and passionate women we can go to work doing the deep and focused work it takes to create their dream businesses.  


As of now, just a few spots remain for my 1 Year Private Coaching Program...a program that gives you and I the space and the structure to work hand in hand as you get clear about your vision, get focused in on what needs to happen in order to make that vision a reality and take intentional actions to see it come to fruition!  And with the regular accountability, the quarterly deep dive sessions and the kickoff Intensive...and with me here with you every step of the way...having the profitable and purposeful business that you enjoy showing up for every day is inevitable!


To find out more about my 1 Year Private Coaching Program, go to and apply today!  I’m responding to applications as they come in and spots are filling on a first come, first serve basis.  


We can’t do this alone.  And if the structured and customized support of private coaching is what you need to finally achieve what you know you’re ready for in your business, then I can’t wait to read your application.  Let’s do this!