Becky Mollenkamp has been an active member of the Biz Women Rock community for quite some time.  And, I proudly watched as she started a Facebook Group, Own It! Crush It!, a community for women entrepreneurs and is crushing it herself as its leader of over 1700 women!  As I’ve gotten to know Becky better, it became clear that she had a ton of knowledge about LinkedIn.  And because I am always trying to inspire myself and you to up our game on LinkedIn (a social media platform that I not-so-secretly don’t enjoy), I invited her on to share her wisdom.


And let me tell you...she DELIVERS the goods!  Not even in the step by step (which she absolutely gets into), but the overall attitude with which to approach LinkedIn!


My favorite nugget is the fact that when people are on LinkedIn, they’re there to do BUSINESS.  Which is a GREAT thing for you! Because when they’re looking at your profile, commenting on your posts or messaging you, they are in the business mode!  


In this interview, Becky walks us through a few major steps on how to best optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can BE FOUND by people looking for exactly what you provide - products, services, speaking opportunities and featured press ops too!  


Here’s the quick run-down that she dives deeper into in the show:


  1. SEO / Keywords
  2. Change the wording in your “job title”
  3. Summary
  4. Use LinkedIn! Show up with content and engage!
  5. Make connections


The strategies she gives behind each of these are golden and EASY TO IMPLEMENT!


If you want to find out more about Becky, check out her LinkedIn profile here →


And you can check out more about everything she offer here →



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