If you have an online business - or are in any way marketing your services online (which is all of us, right?) - then today’s episode will give you practical answers to the question I receive the most:


How do I stand out online in a saturated market?


Amy Coats is the fabulous woman entrepreneur joining me today to share her answers to this question.  Ooooh and her answers are GOOD!


Amy is the founder of Two Week Notice Society.  She helps women build an online business strategically so they can smoothly leave their 9-5 corporate job.  She does this through her signature program and through 1on1 work.


During this conversation, Amy shares 4 ways she ensures that she stays visible and relevant.  And 1 powerful way she’s exposing herself to others who don’t yet know about her! She also shares her favorite tool for staying CONSISTENT online (such a challenge for most of us!).


This is a very practical interview and you’ll definitely walk away with some easy to implement strategies on how you can stand out amongst everyone else in your market!


You can check out more about Amy here → https://www.twoweeknoticesociety.com/


And if you happen to be working your day job while struggling to grow your side hustle and can benefit from Amy’s awesome webinar, you can check that out for FREE here → https://amy-303f.mykajabi.com/p/webinar-funnel



If you asked me what tool has been the most impactful for my business, I would without a doubt tell you it’s been MEDITATION.  Meditating has been a way for me to get quiet with myself and hear my inner voice who always knows what’s best for me.  Let’s face it, we women entrepreneurs are bombarded with social media feeds, events and so called experts telling us what we “should” do to grow out business and have success.  But at the end of the day, WE each know what the right moves are for us in order to feel truly fulfilled and aligned in our companies.


This is why I created the Meditation for Women Podcast...so that you can have a powerful tool, created with YOU IN MIND to help you hear your inner voice, find peace in moments of high anxiety and ultimately take the next best steps in your journey as a woman.  So go check it out! Just search for Meditation for Women in Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to this show and if you love it, subscribe, rate and review it! I would love to share this gift of meditation with you as you continue your beautiful journey!


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