One of my favorite parts about the Biz Women Rock community is that I have the opportunity to become good friends with so many of you fabulous ladies!  A giant highlight has been becoming friend with Tina Conroy.  She’s been a member of the community for years and it’s been such a pleasure getting to know her as a coaching client, a Mastermind participant and even a featured guest at the upcoming Biz Women Rock Retreat (she’ll be doing special yoga and Reiki sessions)!  


Today Tina and I are having an in-depth conversation about how you can tap into your intuition, your inner voice, your spiritual self (whatever you want to call it) in order to produce big results for you in your business.  And ultimately, so that you can thoroughly enjoy your journey as a woman entrepreneur!  


Tina is the host of The Intuitive Woman Podcast and a spiritual teacher, Reiki practitioner and yoga instructor who is passionate about helping people (mostly women) deepen their experience as a spiritual being in this world.  


In this interview, we go into practical spiritual habits anyone can implement that can have a profound impact on your connection to your intuition.  And, of course, we talk about how this actually shows up in your business that can help you make better decisions, keep those negative self-doubting thoughts at bay and push you into the direction that is ultimately ideal for you and your business (and the big impact it has on others)!


Tina’s even giving you access to her totally FREE 3 DAY SPIRITUAL HABIT CHALLENGE!  You can get it at