Do you consider yourself to be a Maker?  According to Sue Monhait (MOAN HEIGHT), you’re a Maker if you are someone who creates something tangible that you, bakery or food products, crafts, artistry, etc.  Many of us business owners are Makers. And the reason I brought Sue on the show today is because she is a GENIUS at helping Makers approach their businesses as businesses, so they can ultimately build companies that allow them to produce products they love and enjoy the process of doing it!


The years Sue spent in her corporate job helping small and large companies with their products acted as a powerful education when she started her first business, The Ribbon Print Company 10 years ago.  This multi-six figure business helps supply businesses who want to make custom print ribbons.  Along her own journey of building her successful Maker business, she came across so many people who wanted to do business with her or who craved to make their own craft or hobby into a thriving business, but just couldn’t figure out how.  


That’s when Sue launched her podcast and business, Gift Biz Unwrapped.  Under this umbrella, she provides education, support and resources to help all sorts of makers build a profitable business they love!


During this conversation, Sue shares…


  • The mindset needed to look at your business now - whether you’ve just toyed around with the idea of making money from your craft or have been doing so awhile, but aren’t doing it as successfully as you’d like.
  • The order to follow to build a successful Maker Business - from the vision to identifying your Unique Special Power to your brand...step by step!
  • A handful of practical strategies to leverage social media right away!
  • The specific challenges that Makers have and ideas on how to get through those challenges!

Whether you consider yourself a Maker or not, Sue’s advice is spot-on for any business!  

You can find out more about Sue and access her incredible resources here!


Sue’s Podcast, Gift Biz Unwrapped

I had the pleasure of being a guest on her show!  You can check out her interviewing me here →


Sue’s Website →


Sue’s Membership Program, Makers MBA →


Sue’s Book, Maker to Master: Find & Fix What’s Not Working in Your Small Business



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