LIVE COACHING: Creating an Effective Marketing Plan with Heather Robertson-Devine of Books Del Sur


I've had the privilege of coaching and strategizing with Heather Robertson-Devine for months now.  She is incredible and owns Books Del Sur, a company that imports authentic Spanish children's books into the US and makes them available to dual language classrooms all throughout the country.  As a whole, what makes her business so unique is the fact that these books are not just "Little Red Riding Hood" translated into Spanish, but books that are created and written in Spanish-speaking countries and then made available in Elementary school classrooms here in the US so kids can learn authentic Spanish stories.


During this LIVE COACHING session, Heather and I are diving deep into creating a powerful and practical marketing strategy for her ANTI-PRINCESSA series...3 books that each feature a powerful Latin woman - Frida Khalo, Violeta Parra and Juana Azurduy.  She's realized that these particular books have appeal to a wider audience...people like you and me who want to buy these books for our own families or as gifts for our friends and their kids.  And because the end-user market requires a very different marketing strategy, we're using this time to create one!


These LIVE COACHING SESSIONS are here so you can get deep insight into business issues, ideas and challenges that we all face as we create strategies, solutions and action plans that you can benefit from!  It's also a great way to see just how transformative it can be to allow another qualified person into your business so you can save time, money and energy that you would normally take figuring it out on your own!  We're in this together!


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