Francesca Montillo is the founder of Lazy Italian Culinary Adventures.  She provides cooking classes, easy to make Italian recipes and guided culinary tours around her homeland of Italy.  


Like many entrepreneurs, she’s still working a full time job and wants to turn her side hustle into a full time business that can provide for her!  


During this LIVE COACHING SESSION, Francesca and I dive into what her true goals are in the next phase of her business (and how that will get her closer to doing it full time) and back into what actions she needs to take to make it a reality.  


We discover that her cooking classes and Italian tours actually require their own individual marketing plans, as they attract different people.  Which led us to identifying WHO HER AVATAR really is!


We spend the rest of the session digging into creative ways Francesca can go about getting in front of them in a meaningful way.  Strategic storytelling (making sure she tells her story as an Italian woman and foodie who is passionate about sharing her country with others!), creating a local Meetup group (so she can build quality in-person relationships) and Google Ads were just a few of the things we discussed.


This episode is ideal for you if you’re trying your best to figure out WHAT you should focus on to give you results FAST that can get you out of your day job and into doing what you truly love to do full time!


Check out more about Francesca’s awesome Italian culinary tours here →


These LIVE COACHING SESSIONS are here so you can get deep insight into business issues, ideas and challenges that we all face as we create strategies, solutions and action plans that you can benefit from!  It's also a great way to see just how transformative it can be to allow another qualified person into your business so you can save time, money and energy that you would normally take figuring it out on your own!  We're in this together!


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