MONEY MOXIE: Events - How to Make Money with Your Own Event with Erin Smith


Our Money Moxie Series is diving right into the bottom line of a handful of different business industries: coaching, blogging, online education/products, events, real estate, etc. It will ultimately answer the question: how do you make money doing that? Erin Smith is the founder of The Starters Club, an agency that provides consulting, training and services to those who want to start their businesses and those who want to grow their businesses! She launched her very first BIG EVENT - The Entrepreneur Summit - in 2016 and totally ROCKED IT! During this interview, she gets incredibly candid about why she created the event, the budget she created for it, how she secured the speakers and how she determined if she would pay a speaking fee or not, and how to find and secure sponsors for your event! Lastly, she shares the massive impact her event has had on her BUSINESS! This is a wealth of information and is ideal for you if you've been thinking about putting on an event or if you want to up your game with the events you are currently providing!


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