MONEY MOXIE: Real Estate - How to Use Real Estate to Create Financial Freedom with Maree Walden MacGuiness


Our Money Moxie Series is diving right into the bottom line of a handful of different business industries: coaching, blogging, online education/products, events, real estate, etc. It will ultimately answer the question: how do you make money doing that? I couldn't be more excited to bring my good friend Maree Walden MacGuiness on the show! She is a financial freedom MAVEN! Of course, she herself lives a financially free life, but she also teaches other women how to do so as well. She's built an incredible portfolio of real estate, a family trust and education businesses (Smart Women's Network) and is super passionate about helping women achieve the financial freedom they desire! While her knowledge on all things financial is incredibly vast, we focus mainly on REAL ESTATE in this interview. She goes through her first property investment, the attitude with which you should approach every investment (genius!) and gives practical tips on how to find a great deal and how to evaluate it to make sure it's the right one for you! If you've every wanted to build your real estate portfolio and/or get insights to creating your own financial freedom, THIS is the episode to listen to! Get your FREE course! Maree's giving away The Money Confidence Mini Course to you for free just because you're a part of the Biz Women Rock community! Grab it now for free HERE!


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