The Great 8: The Top 8 Most Downloaded Episodes The Great 8 Series features an 8 week countdown of the top 8 most downloaded shows on the Biz Women Rock podcast. There's a reason these shows have been listened to by so many people all over the world! #8 is Alexis Wolfer of! *** How do you build a media company with a purpose? Listen to our Interview with Alexis Wolfer, Founder of to find out! Alexis Wolfer started her online magazine as a way to give women an amazing beauty magazine with subtle empowerment to love themselves and their bodies. Having struggled with body image and an eating disorder at a younger age, Alexis was determined to have an impact on women's sense of self in a fashionable and trendy way! Her unique company has been featured on many other media outlets and she is often called upon to be a fashion or beauty expert on other media outlets. In this inspiring interview, Alexis shares how she started the company and how she's experiences such great success!