What is a Branding Archetype and why is knowing yours such a phenomenal, practical tool to help you in your business?


Those are the questions we’re answering on today’s episode.  I brought on the incredible Diane Diaz of The Brand Teacher.  She’s been a member of the Biz Women Rock community for a while, came to the 2017 Retreat and has since been a member of the Biz Women Rock Academy.  And through her involvement, I’ve seen just how passionate and talented she is at helping women entrepreneurs clarifying their BRANDS so they can better communicate their message to the world and thus, attract more clients to them.  


So when Diane asked if I wanted to take the Brand Archetype assessment before our interview, I hopped right on it and told her we could use me as a mini case study to not just talk about archetypes, but show you.


During today’s conversation, we discover that my primary archetype is THE HERO (not surprised) ;) and my #2 and #3 are the Magician and the Explorer.  More importantly, however is our discussion of what all that means and how I can use this information to help me show up more in line with my brand every single day!  


I pick out TWO pain points you might be feeling that would be the perfect reason to utilize this Brand Archetype process…


  1. If you’re confused about where you are right now or where you want to go.
  2. If you want validation that the “normal” path of success may not necessarily be the one for you.


Bottom line: taking the time to do this branding work is incredibly worth it!  


To find out more about how Diane can walk you through this process, check out her website → http://thebrandteacher.com


And to get her freebie (a list of all the archetypes so you can see which one you think you are), go here → http://thebrandteacher.com/archetype  



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