You know what it feels like to work yourself to the bone...and get up to do it all over again, right?  Well, Pooja Khanna did that for too long when in her career as an executive with American Express, Pepsi and Microsoft and developed adrenal fatigue.  After years of trying to heal through western medicine, she finally turned to holistic medicine to heal herself, using methods like Reiki, Acupuncture and Meditation.  It worked. And during that journey, she saw how difficult it was for her to find quality practitioners and resources.  

So, she decided to create a solution. is a platform that allows you, the person who is seeking out holistic practitioners and resources, to easily find ones that Pooja and her team have vetted.  Their website offers a free subscription and a low cost paid subscription ($10/mo) that give you access to resources like nutrition counselors, reiki practitioners, guided meditations, educational courses and so much more so you can heal from the inside out. 

During our conversation, Pooja shares about…

  • Her unique challenges in building her business...the extra attention and time she needed to spend figuring out the legal and logistical challenges of her market.
  • What she does to keep her own self-care practice sacred so she doesn’t get back into a space of being burnt out and exhausted. 
  • Her ultimate belief that we all really want to do special things to help others and how she’s doing this through Begin to Heal.

“That’s the question entrepreneurs should be asking themselves…’who do I need to be in order for me to be successful?’” Pooja says.  

This game of business is done from the inside out...and this conversation with Pooja has so many moments of wisdom that reflect that.  

You can check out more about Begin to Heal by visiting their website at



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