This week we took a wild and whimsical journey into the world of outlandish encounters with mermaids, hollow earth elves, and even a furman! With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to sprinkle in some humorous, historical and fantastical tales to give you a good chuckle. We dove headfirst into the medieval musings of Gerald of Wales and his incredible recordinds of peculiar beings living beneath the earth's surface.

From a rocking rapture, to a miracle mermaid, sports equipment made of gold and a tortured furman-merman, we'vedusted off the best of the worst in humanoid encounters.

Humanoid Encounters 1 AD-1899: The Others amongst Us:
By: Albert S. Rosales
(Available on Kindle and Paperback)
Link to the Book:
Link to the full 16 volume collection:

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