Summary of Barny Hill's 1964 Hypnosis by Dr. Benjamin Simon:

Barney Hill, under hypnosis, recounts an encounter with a moving star that he first dismissed as a satellite but later thought might be an airplane due to its row of windows. His wife, Betty, insists it's not a plane. He stops the car, and the couple and their dog, Dusty, get out to observe. The object moves unpredictably, like nothing Barney can identify, challenging his skepticism about flying saucers, which frustrates him.

The object appears large, like a pancake with curved windows, making Barney question the reality of the situation. His memory is fragmented, and he alternates between fear, wanting to grab his gun, and a compulsion to keep looking at the object. He describes seeing figures through the windows of the object, notably a "friendly-looking" entity that resembles a red-haired Irishman. Despite the figure's smile, Barney feels an unspoken command to continue observing.

The scene progresses with Barney having the sense that he was being instructed or controlled somehow, though not verbally. There's a presence of other beings and a leader figure distinguished by a black scarf. He expresses confusion and fear, implying that he interacts with these beings but has gaps in his memory of the experience.

In his retelling, Barney expresses a wish that someone else could corroborate the reality of the experience because it is so out of the ordinary. He also conveys a mix of curiosity and fear, wondering what these beings want. At various points, he seems to be under some form of sedation or trance, as suggested by his perception of floating and feeling compelled to keep his eyes closed.

The memory concludes with Barney feeling as though he may have been examined or that an operation was imminent but not completed. After the encounter, Barney and Betty appear relieved and happy that it's over as they drive away. The experience leaves Barney with feelings of disbelief and amazement, and he struggles to reconcile the surreal experience with reality. Throughout the encounter, he is in a state of hypnosis, with the hypnotist encouraging him to remember without anxiety, but the memories he's reliving leave the terror of the abduction undeniable.

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