This week we're breathing new life into one of the most critical cases is UFO history. The abduction of Betty and Barney Hill! But this isn't just a replay, not at all. Gil has spent hours painstakingly cleaning up and restoring the original recording of Betty Hill's first hypnosis session. Hope You Enjoy :)


Betty and Barney Hill reported an extraordinary encounter with alien beings on the evening of September 19, 1961, while en route to their Portsmouth, New Hampshire, residence from a trip to Montreal, Canada. Driving through New Hampshire's White Mountains, they observed an illuminating aerial object seemingly in pursuit of them.

Drawing nearer, this object purportedly revealed entities with humanoid forms. In a state of alarm and perplexity, the couple persevered on their journey home, only to discover a lapse of approximately two hours in their timeline that they could not explain, and their recollection of the events was hazy. Subsequent to the event, they were plagued by intense dreams and a sense of unease, prompting them to seek psychological therapy.

Subject to hypnotherapy by Dr. Benjamin Simon, the Hills detailed an experience of being whisked onto the spacecraft and undergoing medical procedures performed by the alien entities. In an intriguing detail, Betty recounted being shown a celestial chart by an extraterrestrial, which has since been analyzed by enthusiasts in an attempt to match it with actual star systems.

The abduction narrative of the Hill couple is among the most recognized and thoroughly examined in the annals of UFO research. It gained notable attention following John G. Fuller’s book "The Interrupted Journey" and the subsequent adaptation for television, "The UFO Incident." While some skeptics have posited the possibility of psychological distress, misinterpretation of natural or astronomical events, or subconscious influences from science fiction as explanations, the incident has nonetheless left an indelible mark on extraterrestrial and UFO discourse, frequently referenced in examinations of the existence of extraterrestrial entities and associated human encounters.

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