In Episode 93, we delved deep into a narrative that toes the line between covert operations and the stuff of science fiction. This is just the first part of a two-part series where we scrutinize an event that's as unnerving as it is unbelievable; a story involving DC Long, an Army Airborne Ranger, who stumbled upon a sight that challenged reality itself beneath the earth at a clandestine location dubbed "Range 19."
In 2010, amidst the tapestry of military life near Fort Bragg—recently renamed Fort Liberty—DC Long accompanied his father, a contractor for the Department of Defense, on a routine job site evaluation. Or so they thought. What they encountered was a military operation shrouded in secrecy, where they were escorted into an underground facility. Once inside, they were greeted by a puzzling vision: a gargantuan granite slab suspended in midair. Looming in the dim light, with scientists milling about, the slab hovered without any visible means of support, vibrating yet deathly silent, while a strange black box sat on top. DC's riveting experience sounds like something ripped from the pages of a speculative novel, yet its implications are rooted in our world's stark reality.

Unidentified Alien Podcast - Interview W/ DC Long:

DC Long - Army Combat Vet's Mysterious UFO Encounter in Underground Military Base | SRS #66 (Part 2):

DC Long U.S. Army, Hovering Giant Slab witnessed in an Underground facility (2010):

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