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Demons of war, described as hideous, flying, vampiric humanoids, appear in mythologies and folklore across different cultures and time periods. These demons feed on the blood and souls of dying warriors on the battlefield. The similarities in their descriptions, despite being from different continents and cultures, raise questions about their origins and significance. The demons of war evoke fear and represent the extreme violence and suffering associated with warfare. The presence of these demons in different cultures suggests a universal understanding of the horrors of war. During the Vietnam War, the US Army issued red light night vision goggles to troops, but they were quickly recalled due to unexpected side effects. Soldiers wearing the goggles began acting strange and reported seeing things that others couldn't. One night, a gunner on a helicopter opened fire at flying demons he claimed to see with the goggles on. The commanding officer put on the goggles and also witnessed the demons. This incident highlights the potential dangers and hallucinatory effects of early night vision technology. In this conversation, Gil and Joey discuss supernatural encounters in war zones, focusing on two specific stories. The first story involves soldiers in Vietnam who were issued red light night vision goggles that allowed them to see demonic creatures. The soldiers reported similar sightings and experienced PTSD-like symptoms after using the goggles. The second story comes from an army medic deployed in Iraq in 2006, who witnessed a black figure emitting smoke and heard screeching noises. Both stories highlight the presence of supernatural entities in war zones and the lasting effects on those who encounter them.

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Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures by Theresa Bane: https://www.amazon.com/Encyclopedia-Demons-World-Religions-Cultures/dp/0786463600

The Winged Djinn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vDa7TX2hzA

00:00:00.000 Introduction
00:01:13.253 Host Introduction
00:03:55.786 About Demons of War
00:06:22.294 The Hantu Pari
00:07:51.572 Kupe-Dybe
00:15:01.939 Ker - Ancient Greek Vampiric Demon
00:17:00.976 The Pey
00:18:05.074 Chat About Demons of War
00:27:39.659 Vietnam Red Light Night Vision Goggles
00:48:38.712 A Modern Encounter In Iraq
00:54:22.090 Final Thoughts on Demons Appearing During War

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