Spoiler, the calls that came in were good! Really, really good! We couldn't of hoped for a more successful premier of our new call in show! A huge thank you to everyone who submitted their stories, called in, and watched live!
Our next show will be:
🛸 Strange Lights & Encounters 👽
on March 2nd!
If you've got a story you want to share, we'd love to hear it!
Feel free to submit it here: https://ghost.beer/submit
or, Call in live on March 2nd! đź–¤

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Special Shout Outs!
Kristen: Host of The Paranorm Girl Podcast (who also did a fantastic job touching up the audio and video of our premier)
Find links to her show and socials here: https://linktr.ee/ParanormGirl
Damion: Host of Life Beyond Six Feet and Co-Founder of RKB Paranormal
Find links to his show and socials here:

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