Hey there, shadow seekers and tech enthusiasts – your B3 crew is here with another mind-bending episode. Get ready for Episode 3: Spooky Ai & Haunted Electronics, where we toggle the thin line between the uncanny and the unexplained!

Special guest Interscare amps up the anxiety as we sip and speak on the ghost in the machine. We're spiraling into the fears and fascinations of AI – from the nifty to the nightmare-inducing. Ghostly calls, AI that transcends time, and jobs on the line? We're hashing it all out.

But it wouldn't be Beer, Boos & Boogeymen without a few spine-tingling tales. From Damion's paranormal prison probe to Kristen's creepy computer conundrum, we're flipping the switch on haunted tech. If you've ever had a device act out of order, you're in good company.

To top it all off, we're taking your calls live, looking for the best in true listener terror-tech tales. So if you're into AI antics or spectral signals, tune in for this electrifying exchange.

Listen in, if you dare, and let us know – is it just a glitch, or is there something more phantasmal at play? Stay spooky, my friends, and keep those haunted stories coming. Later, B3 enthusiasts! đŸ»đŸ‘»đŸ€–

Special Guest Host: InterScare

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Huge shout-out to Kristen at Paranormgirl Pod for cleaning up this months audio and video so that we could share it :)

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