BotCast #69 - L'enverdement à la quête du fric des contribuables, l'invasion continue de troubler et autres incroyabletés. (on le sait, ce n'est pas un mot).  2 mars 2019 (2h53m)

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More than 1,000 media jobs lost in one day

Science shows that it’s not really green to ban plastic bags

Human Activity in China and India Dominates the Greening of Earth, NASA Study Shows


Dianne Feinstein rebuffs young climate activists' calls for Green New Deal

Weather Channel Founder

Randall Carlson Graham Hancock Joe Rogan #360, #417, #501, #551, #606 #725, #872, #961, #942, #1124

Sweden Admits It Cannot Control Its Own Borders

Courier Stops Delivery to Swedish No-Go Suburb Due to Danger

France: 20% of 2016 French Newborns Found to Have a Muslim First Name

Dutch Orchestra Walks Out on Muslim guest conductor .

Man Is Suing His Parents For Giving Birth To Him Without Consent

Chinese 're-education camps' for Uighur Muslims run like 'concentration camps', says Amnesty

Celebratory gunfire

Justin Trudeau is in a big political scandal right now in Canada. He is accused of pressuring the Attorney General to drop a case against SNC-Lavalin, a company in Montreal. Seems like Trudeau is finished, for real.

Telegraph apologises and pays damages to Melania Trump

All of Secretary of State Clinton's Schedules and Calendars

Phantom investigation? France delays report on mystery cases of babies born without arms