Episode 096

10 Good Gadgets - If you hang around picking bluegrass long enough you will eventually be on stage with a band. You may be giggin' a lot or just once in a while. Either way, you are going to experience being part of a "self-contained entertainment" situation. That's the kind of gig where you carry your own sound and lights. It's kinda like back when Bill was carrying his own tent show.

There are things which can make that kind of show easier. Let me tell you some of what I have learned.

One of the things I talked about was the value of having an easy to set up, compact "store" for your CDs and other merchandise. I made a quick YouTube video showing what I used and you can see it on the show notes page (link below) or just go here: The Pony Express General Store.

There is still time! Christmas times a'coming! Learn some Christmas tunes on that mandolin with Jackson's Christmas Songs For Mandolin eBook.

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