- Episode 111

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men


Mankind, along with many other creatures, is a planner. But often these plans go awry just like the poor mouse in Robert Burns' poem. How can you devise, tweak and implement plans which actually work and bring about positive results?


Plans do work! They can also fail miserably. Come along for this discussion of "plan versus no plan" and the art of attempting to actually follow plans--all related to learning to become a better bluegrass musician.


Here are some of the plans I have customized for you:

Mandolin: The Mandolin Treasure Chest

Bluegrass Banjo: The Banjo Learning System

Clawhammer Banjo: Clawhammer Banjo Lessons 1-6

Bluegrass Bass: Bass Instruction Course


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GrassTalkRadio is a show for people who love planning bluegrass "stuff" such as planning to learn an instrument, to go to a festival, to start a band, to write a song, start a podcast, write an instruction book, invite some pickers over for a jam. Some of those plans work out and make the world a better place.