- Episode 112

Creative Thanks


I set out this morning to answer some listener emails and I got to talking about a very thoughtful gift I received this week from a listener. I'll tell you all about it. I never got to those emails.


I also talk about automotive parking brakes, the old shareware days, my Egyptian hieroglyph font and a sweet little letter I got in the mail. The episode also includes a mini-review of McClung's mandolin arm rests and a Frank Ford pegwinder crank.


Take the time to do little things for the folks in your life who make your life better. Pick a dandelion and hand it to your wife and tell her she is beautiful. Stuff like that.


Pet a dog. Say something nice to a tree. Find the right kid and give him a walking liberty half dollar and tell him about how money used to be real silver! Give a promising picker one of those tortoise shell picks you've been hoarding. After you stop looking at your stock portfolio and checking your bank balance, these are the only things that are left that really count.



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