Bonus Episode 06


Insert Coin, Press Play - In this short bonus episode I am asking for your assistance. I have created a Patreon page which makes it easy for you to help keep the wheels greased here at GrassTalkRadio headquarters.


Speaking of quarters, that's all it takes! You can probably dig around in the belly of your washing machine or under your driver's seat and find a handful of quarters. Fifty cents an episode (chump change) is only $2 a month. Do whatever your pocketbook allows.


If your power is about to be turned off, I don't want your money. But, on the other hand, if you are on your 3rd high dollar mandolin and the dividend checks just keep coming in, maybe you could chip in a bit more than the average bear.


If you think the show is worth listening to then I hope you will consider becoming a Patreon supporter. I shot a video explaining more and you can sign up here:


There is a video I made from my back porch which explains more on that page.


GrassTalkRadio is a show for people who play or are learning to play bluegrass--that form of music in which you must "save up to go on tour." (Quote from Seldom Scene mandolinist and tenor singer, John Duffey.)