Joe and Matthew visit Esteban Patino in his Atlanta studio. A book recommendation is passed along, and ancient cultures are considered. His personally developed system of symbols is explored. A strategy for making art in an artist residency is offered. The merits of a clean studio are celebrated. And, a question is examined: What is making “Colombian art” supposed to look like?

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Who Is Esteban Patino?

Born in Medellín, Colombia, Esteban Patino’s work explores the multitudes of language creation and perception. Spanning sculpture, collage, painting and murals, the concepts of transmission, reception, communication vs. miscommunication, and semiotics permeate his work.

In order to consider these questions he created a system of symbols that are based on 6 characters, each of which rotate on their own axis 4 times to make a total of 24 characters. With these shapes—which are an alphabet that creates the illusion of language—he plays with word structures by creating palindromes, speech bubbles, heaps of language, and metaphors to represent how we understand written and spoken language.

Bio (excerpted) and image from Spalding Nix Fine Art.

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