Photographer Fredrik Brauer joins Joe and Matthew for a discussion on his career path and how a photographer arrives – or maybe never arrives – at a final, defined identity. Described as an architectural photographer, Fredrik shares his thoughts on architecture and light as subjects and just what those images may be saying to us.

The tools, nuts, and bolts of his process are explored. From before the moment that the shutter closes to the digital versus film discussion, insights are shared. Atlanta’s relationship with Brutalist architecture is kicked about.

Helpful #ArtsEd tips for documenting shows and individual works for artists and gallerists emerge. Sustainable development is debated. MARTA trains hum in the distance.

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Fredrik Brauer and the Brain Fuzz Arts Podcast co-hostsFredrik Brauer, Matthew, and Joe (L-R) at The Brain Fuzz Temporary Studio inside The Temporary Art Center.

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