We were joined by LA based singer/songwriter Natalie Angiuli to talk about the new synth pop direction she is taking with her music, her EDM collaborations and an interesting dinner with Quincy Jones.

  • Pizza in New York is better than pizza in LA
  • Natalie decided to move to LA when she was 5, and finally moved there when she turned 18
  • Ross and Natalie talk about Hotel Cafe (even though Ross has never been there)
  • We learn that Natalie is a classically trained musician, and that violin is really hard to play
  • “Anyone can write a song, but not everyone can write a good song”
  • Natalie tells us how she locked her keys in her car, and how that led to her music being featured in TV shows
  • This interview is completely aware of itself
  • We talk about Natalie’s new material and the synth pop direction she’s moving in
  • Marcio and Natalie talk about the process of finding your own sound
  • We talk about Natalie’s EDM collaborations and how “Step Into Your Light” got over 200,000...  

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