In this week's B-SIDES episode, we're talking about the importance of self care in the music industry. We're all told that we need to be hustling 24/7 in order to succeed in this business, but that often leads to burnout. We discuss times that we've felt burnt out ourselves, the dangers of overworking, and ways to look after ourselves to make sure we can continue being productive and healthy in the music industry.


- Marcio shares times when he’s felt burnt out due to lack of self care, especially when it comes to recording music

- We talk about finding a balance between working hard and taking care of ourselves

- Marcio shares a story about when he went into the studio when he was already burnt out, and the time it’s taken to get back to well enough to record again

- We talk about the dangers of overworking, and the importance of setting boundaries

- Ross shares how he’s started to create boundaries and be stricter with himself over working hours to avoid burnout

- We talk about how we’re told we need to make ourselves available 24/7, but discuss how that’s not always good advice

- We talk about doing things for yourself vs doing things for your career


- Christine Infanger @ Thirty Roses

- Music Entrepreneur HQ



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