Joining us this week from Germany is Friedemann Findeisen - an award winning songwriter and producer, and founder of Holistic Songwriting, the most complete collection of commercial songwriting techniques on the web.


  • On songwriting techniques and music theory: “It doesn’t help you to have a toolbox if you don’t know how to use the tools” - Friedemann Findeisen
  • Friedemann shares that almost every songwriting rule has a counter argument, so you can really do anything in songwriting
  • “There are no rules in songwriting - it depends on the effect you want to achieve” - Friedemann Findeisen
  • We talk about using classical music theory as an analytical tool rather than a creative tool
  • Friedemann shares some common mistakes he sees songwriters making in their careers
  • We hear what holistic songwriting means to Friedemann, and how taking the holistic approach can benefit songwriters

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