This week we’re excited to welcome Paul Marc Rousseau to the show. Paul is the lead guitarist for Canadian post-hardcore band Silverstein. Joining the band as a guitar tech initially, he was the natural choice to replace Neil Boshart after he left the band. Silverstein have sold over 1 million records worldwide, have been nominated for a Juno Award, and released their 8th album (“I Am Alive In Everything I Touch”) in 2015. In this interview, Paul shares some advice for bands going on tour, talks about the approach labels take to signing bands, and the importance of having relationships with your fans.Highlights:- Paul was a part of Silverstein’s touring family long before he joined the band as a guitarist- One of the most important parts of being on the road is the relationships you have with each other- Ross shares a story involving a passive aggressive note he left for a former flatmate- Paul shares some highlights about being on the road with Silverstein- We hear about a time where the band almost to pay €15,000 to put their instruments on board as baggage- We talk about the importance of artists meeting and talking to fans when touring- Paul commends Silverstein’s fans for speaking to them as he’s too scared to do that with his favourite artists- We hear the story of how Paul became a full time member of Silverstein- We talk about how labels are much more careful about the artists they sign and how they need to build a profile themselves first- There are so many factors to achieving longevity in the music industryAdvice:- You have to be sure that what you’re making musically is of a high enough quality to take on tour- You have to be self aware and self critical enough to know that what you’re doing is good enough for people to seeGuest Links:- Website: Twitter: @silverstein / @paulmarc- Facebook: /silversteinmusicSponsors:- Alyssa Parma ( Chris Keaton @ Chris Keaton Presents ( Buck Naked Soap Company ( Christine Infanger @ Thirty Roses ( more episodes, visit http://bridge-the-atlantic.comFollow us on Twitter: on iTunes: us on Patreon:

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