In this week's B-SIDES episode, we're looking at the importance of building a team and collaborating with the right people. We also talk with producer/engineer Nick Blagona about artists a successful experience with a producer, but then ended up working with someone else when they signed to a label. Enjoy!



  • "Often, DIY is taken too literally in the music industry, but your career should be a balance of doing some things yourself, and delegating others" - Marcio Novelli
  • We talk about what you should be looking for in a potential team member or collaborator
  • "Relationships are so important - especially if you’re going to be working with this person long-term. There should be a mutual respect and understanding" - Ross Barber-Smith
  • We talk with Nick Blagona about collaborating with different people, and what can happen when people have different agendas
  • "Just because someone has worked with certain people, it doesn’t mean they’re the right fit for YOU!" - Marcio Novelli
  • "If you find people you collaborate well with, stick with them! It’s really hard to find a team of people you trust and work well with, so when you DO find them, treat them well and keep making things happen together." - Ross Barber-Smith


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