In this week's B-SIDES episode, we're talking all about your gut feeling. It's something that comes up a lot on this show, so we decided to dive a little deeper into some times that we didn't follow our gut, and why we wish we did, and also times when we DID follow our gut, and what the outcome was. Hopefully you can learn from some of the mistakes and successes we've had, and start listening to your gut more. Enjoy!


  • We talk about the importance of trusting your gut when it comes to making decisions in your creative career
  • “Follow that gut feeling, and whether or not it works out, you’ll know that you were true to yourself” - Marcio Novelli
  • Marcio talks about times where he didn’t follow his gut, and how things turned out as a result
  • Marcio on listening to his head rather than what his gut was telling him - “On paper it made sense, but something didn’t feel right”
  • We talk about being swayed by who people have worked with rather than the vibe we get from them
  • Ross shares a story about taking on a project despite his gut telling him it wasn’t a good fit
  • Ross shares some advice he received a while ago that he now things is bad advice if taken too literally
  • We talk about how both your head and your heart can be misleading when it comes to making decisions
  • Ross shares how he went with his gut and seized an opportunity to work with Terra Naomi




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