Michaela Watkins is a talented comic and actor. But when she first started acting, she thought she was going to be an actor actor. The Shakespeare and Ibsen-performing type. But it wasn't A Doll's House or King Lear that made her career. It was the Groundlings. She was almost thirty when she joined the comedy theater that changed the course of her life. Watkins was cast on Saturday Night Live during her time with the group. She thought she'd made it. nine months later, she was fired after one season. But, she's only kept growing. Now, twenty-five years into her career, Watkins is still finding new highs. This year, she's starring in three movies. The latest is an A24 film called You Hurt My Feelings. On Bullseye this week, Michaela Watkins joins us to talk about You Hurt My Feelings. She reminisces on her time in the Groundlings and chats about an awkward encounter with Seth Myers after being fired from SNL. Plus, she answers the question we've all been asking: what does Michaela Watkins ask her pet psychic?

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