Host Cash Levy sets a trap in the woods, desperate to catch a guest for his podcast. He manages to snag none other than comedian T.J. Miller (Yogi Bear 3D, former Radioshack employee) for a discussion about ex-girlfriends, bad coffee, and real Italian pizza, like the kind made in the leaning tower.

Watch T.J.'s latest stand-up special, Dear Jonah, free on youtube.

T.J.'s Upcoming Live Shows

  • Nov 3-5 | Appleton, WI @ Skyline Comedy Club | Tickets
  • Nov 10-12 | Jacksonville, FL @ Comedy Zone Jacksonville | Tickets
  • Nov 13 | Mobile, AL @ Alabama Music Box | Tickets

Cash and T.J. Together

Nov 18-20 | San Jose, CA @ San Jose Improv | Tickets


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