The best clumping cat litter for your cat shouldn’t be a big problem with our world’s best picks below! For most cat owners who are living with multiple cats, clumping cat litter is odor-controlling and easy to clean everything in the litter box. It will likely take some trial and error to find the right cat litter for you and your cat.

Looking for the best cat litter clumping which is gentle on your cat’s paws will be no sweat if you know the right type of litter that works with your furry friend.

One of the most important factors when choosing clumping cat litter is the material that it is made from. After 3 years of testing performed on 59 cats, we think Arm & Hammer’s litter does the best job of all the clumping litters on the market now. This brand offers over a dozen formulas but the three most unique and all three formulas are quick clumping and easy scooping. Cat owners love the low dust, low tracking, and odor control factors, making it become the best cat litter for households with multiple cats. And cats seem to love it, too!

Keep reading to see our reviews for other great products for your beloved cats and kittens to make the right decision!

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