The lights of Christmas are glowing with a Christmas Story by Brad Tuck on Celtic Christmas Podcast #68.

Enda Reilly, Terry McDade With The McDades, Marc Gunn, Cherish The Ladies, The Chivalrous Crickets, Screaming Orphans, Anne Roos & David Blonski, Scythian, Brad Tuck, West of Eden

0:08 - Enda Reilly "Tá An Nollaig Linn" from Christmas is With Us (Tá An Nollaig Linn)


I am Marc Gunn. I am an Celtic musician and podcaster. We are promoting Celtic culture through Christmas cheer. This is the final episode of 2022.

Hopefully, we are all ready for the holiday. House and trees decorated. Presents wrapped and placed beneath the tree. The cats aren’t chewing on the wrapping paper. We are ready to relax for this festive time of year.

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4:20 - Terry McDade With The McDades "What Child Is This" from Midwinter

7:32 - Marc Gunn "Celtic Christmas Elf" from Celtic Christmas Greetings

10:26 - Cherish The Ladies "Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem/The Ballintore Fancy/The Kerry Reel/Limestone Rock" from On Christmas Night

15:17 - The Chivalrous Crickets "A Christmas Carol" from A Chivalrous Christmas

Christmas is an interesting time of year for musicians. Bigger artists are able to put together Christmas-themed shows. But many of the smaller indie artists create an album and dream of playing shows, but the venues stop booking. Christmas is a listening time of year. Not necessarily a buying time of year.

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21:20 - Screaming Orphans "Jingle Bells" from Happy Christmas, Vol. 1

23:19 - Anne Roos & David Blonski "The Cutty Wren" from A Winter's Dance

25:57 - Scythian "Christmas at Home feat. HoneyDay, Stevie Rees, Therese Fedoryka" from Christmas Out at Sea


Born in Hant's Harbour, Newfoundland, Brad developed a love for music early in his life. Residing in St. John's, Brad is the drummer for a staple of the traditional Newfoundland music scene, Shanneyganock, and began a solo career in 2018 with the release of his first album "On These Waters". Brad was nominated for Traditional Artist of the Year at the 2018 & 2022 MusicNL Awards, and has released three full length albums, one EP and two Christmas singles.

35:10 - Brad Tuck "The Lights of Port de Grave" from single


I tried something new this year asking you to vote for your favorite song in each episode of the podcast. Past favorites of the season were

  • We Banjo 3 "Joy to the World" from A Winter Wonderful
  • Marc Gunn "Frosty the Irish Snowman" from Celtic Christmas Greetings

And there’s a new one coming up…

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39:58 - West of Eden "Over the Hills" from Next Stop Christmas

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