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Celtic Christmas music from The Irish Rovers, Steel Clover, Matthew Young, Emish, Spencer & Beane, Laura MacKenzie, Cantus Lunaris, The Jig Is Up!, Andrew D. Huber, Rosmerta, Haggis Rampant, A Shamrock in Kudzu, Sarah Marie Mullen, The Selkie Girls, The Gothard Sisters

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0:03 - "Christ the King" by The Irish Rovers from Merry Merry Time of Year

4:18 - CHRISTMAS WELCOME - Welcome to the Celtic Christmas Podcast. My name is Marc Gunn. I am a Celtic musician and host also of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. My goal is to introduce you to Celtic musicians who are making and sharing Christmas music.

4:55 - "The Holly and the Ivy" by Steel Clover from Season of Love

6:32 - "The Wren" by Matthew Young from Waking the Wren

8:41 - "Kings" by Emish from Everlasting

11:15 - "Santa Maria" by Spencer & Beane from On Christmas Day in the Morning

14:57 - "Joy to the World/I Saw Three Ships" by Laura MacKenzie from Yuletide Bagpipes

18:58 - "Good People All" by Cantus Lunaris from Spirits and Carols


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26:32 - "The Four Kings" by The Jig Is Up! from A Penny for the Wren

30:50 - "The Yeti & The Reindeer" by Andrew D. Huber from Lights & Snow, Vol. II

33:37 - "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" by Rosmerta from Yule (EP)

37:39 - "Canon in D" by Haggis Rampant from The Silver Glens

40:54 - "Pretty Little Baby" by A Shamrock in Kudzu from Kudzu for Christmas

43:24 - "I Wonder As I Wander" by Sarah Marie Mullen from In the Moon of Wintertime

46:35 - "Imeanueil" by The Selkie Girls from Winter Lore: Songs of Celtic Christmas

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52:54 - "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing" by The Gothard Sisters from Falling Snow

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