Come with us to Fairyland as we go to our first Fairy Festival

This is the first Special Report that we have ever made after going to a Faerie Festival. We camped for three days with some lovely people, saw some incredible bands and browsed among some really great market stalls. In this show, we are going to try and bring you a taste of that Festival with a few little interviews with some of the guests we met, some of the stall-holders but mostly with an amazing 12 pieces of music! This is going to be a monster show - but we hope you have as much fun listening to it as we had at the festival and get a feel for how much fun these Faerie Festivals are!

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Running Order:

  • Intro 0:40
  • Festival Intro 1:01
  • The Drunken Drummer by Flutatious 2:06
  • The Oakwood Song by Willow's Drum 9:09
  • Interview with Faerie Folk - our friend Emma!
  • Moss - Beck Siàn 15:12
  • Chat with Spyros of Daemonia Nymphe 20:31
  • Dance of the Satyrs - Daemonia Nymphe 21:07
  • A Leaf Falls... - Kim Thompsett 26:23
  • Interview with Kaos Blacksmiths 29:40
  • Kuku - Inta Africa 32:16
  • Sands of Time - Jaime Black 36:29
  • Interview with Dragons & Unicorns 43:17
  • Andrasta by Jonathan Kershaw 45:34
  • Interview with Faerie folk - Gary Andrews of The Spirit of Albion film 52:35
  • Dou Way Robin - Serpentyne 54:20
  • Interview with Seventh Heaven 1:00:01
  • In The Belly of An Ice Giant - Ash Mandrake 1:03:35
  • Interview with Julia Arts 1:10:00
  • Gypsy Mist by Spriggan Mist 1:14:02
  • Interview with Wicca Woman 1:19:55
  • Celtic Farewell ROxIRcLE 1:22:02

We hope you enjoy it!

Gary & Ruthie x x x

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Our family at the Festival


The Magical Faerie Festival & the Magical Times

organised by Matthew Callow

The Festival's 2013 Line-up

The Magical Faerie Festival is organised by the Magical Times Magazine and the multi-talented Matthew Callow. This year's Festival took place in Findon, West Sussex but next year's is scheduled for May and is to be sited on a super camping site in East Sussex (click the photo to the left for more details).

The Magical Times Magazine is an ethically produced, professionally printed, full colour quarterly publication produced in the United Kingdom and distributed worldwide!

Its content is unlike any other magazine and its creators strive to provide the reader with uplifting and inspirational in-depth articles on nature, health and well-being.

Click here to see the details for the Festival in 2014 and click the images to see them in more detail!

The Magical Times Magazine

Each page is uniquely illustrated in full colour and is printed on eco-friendly FSC certified paper using vegetable based inks.

It is an immense love and appreciation of nature which fuels the production of The Magical Times.

You can find our more about the Magical Times Magazine on their website (with Issue 14 now available) and the Magical Faerie Festival, with details about the 2014 schedule and Early Bird ticket discounts, on the Faerie Festival website.

Click the picture for a larger image.


Drunken Drummer

by Flutatious

Flutatious 2

Flutatious are a feisty, Celtic, psy-folk band. Blending soaring melodic flute, flying fiddle, spacey guitars and groovy beats. What an astounding, rhythmic and extremely moving set we saw with Flutatious! Such an innovative band and we hope to bring you much more from them in the future.

Michelle, Stella, Andy, Bill, William (and the Colonel!) pictured right on the Isle of Skye, make up the Celtic inspired band that you can hear in this show. We are very proud to bring you their fantastic dancing song, the Drunken Drummer from their second album, Flutatious 2, in this show.

You can find out more about Flutatious on their Contributor Page or visit their website for more details.


The Oakwood Song

by Willow's Drum

Tales from the Oak Wood

Willow’s Drum are singer song/writers Mark Barnard; founder member, lead vocalist and guitarist of the Essex based folk/rock band Medicine and Lyz Le Fay; a classically trained vocalist and pianist. In this show you can hear their beautiful track, The Oakwood Song from their album, Tales from the Oak Wood.

You can find out more about Willow’s Drum on their Contributor Page or visit their Facebook Page for more details.



by Beck Siàn


Beck's mother is Welsh, and her father was born in England, but is from an Irish family. With Welsh and Irish blood, it seems only natural that Beck was going to be drawn to all things Celtic – everything from the Celtic artwork and mythology, Druidic reverence for nature and trees, tales of banshees, wraiths and faeries, to the musical instruments and haunting singing-styles. There is definitely a strong Celtic thread in Beck Siàn’s music – even when singing Australian songs and modern compositions.

Related to English singer Kate Bush, it was her influence and artistic inspiration (as well as having a talented artist for a father) that sparked Beck's own desire to dance, sing and create. So we're incredibly proud to be able to bring you this astounding example of her music, with Moss! Be transported along with us into strange and fey realms....

You can find out more about Beck Siàn and where to get hold of her fantastic music on her Contributor Page or on her website.


Dance of the Satyrs

by Daemonia Nymphe

What a performance, what stage presence and what an astounding sound! Demonia Nymphe are in a class of their own! Daemonia Nymphe is an esoteric ensemble formed in Greece. Their founder, Spyros Giasafakis, is the first artist worldwide to compose and perform improvisations on ancient Greek instruments, such as Kithara, Lyra and Varvitos, handcrafted with design and materials authentic to their epoch. Accompanied by Evi Stergiou and others they provide us with a complete audio and visual spectacular that really does evoke the Satyrs and Fauns of Elder Times!

You can find out more about this amazing and entrancing group and where to get hold of their fantastic music on their Contributor Page or find out more on their website.


A leaf falls..

by Kim Thompsett

Kim Thompsett was probably the first Fae musician we ever featured on our show, way back in 2008! So, we are really pleased to offer her a huge welcome back with her beautiful Harp and a gentle, romantic track called A leaf falls..

Kim Thompsett is a musician and songwriter living and working in the South East of England. She plays guitar, flute, native American flute and zither. Her songs have an escapist quality which evokes the England of old with hints of Celtic, medieval and the classic folk artists of the ‘60’s and 70’s.

You can find out more about Kim's beautiful music on her Contributor Page or find out more on her website at


Kaos Blacksmiths


Sarah and Ross from Kaos Blacksmiths say that "Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalogue. Ross is the former blacksmith to the Duke of Buccleuch at Drumlanrig castle in Scotland and now lives and works in Kent - working only using wind, sun and human power."

Teaspoon Ring

"All of his work is unique and made to order so each piece you order will differ slightly. This shop is only a small selection of what we make so if your looking for something and cannot find it, feel free to contact us. We also offer basic blacksmiths courses at £110 per person per day which includes all materials and lunch."

See one of their beautiful Teaspoon rings to the right. You can find out more about Kaos Blacksmiths and see more of their wonderful metalwork on their website.



by Inta Africa

Inta Africa was created to unite people of different nationalities, faith, and age, using music to create an experience that not only bonds but is creative, stimulating and above all fun. Our drum workshops are high energy, fast moving and suitable for beginners as well as experienced drummers. We hold 100 High quality west African Djembes and Djun Djun. We also have a host of other percussion to be played along side. Out of our workshops a high impact stage performance was born.

A small selection of the drums they brought with them for us to use!

Gary finally gets to do some drumming! Nice shot of new friend Pete to his left and a great Pixie in the background!

You can find out more about their powerful beats and superb workshops (they can cater for up to 80 people, I think!) on their Contributor Page or find out more on their website.


Sands of Time

by Jaime Black

The Wishing Well

What a beautiful sound! Jaime's entrancing Sands of Time can be heard in this show. Jaime Black is a singer songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Jaime independently released her first album, The Wishing Well, in August of 2011.

Jaime's unique vocal sound instantly draws you into a place where imagination meets reality. Acoustic guitars, reverb drenched vocals... Her ethereal songs transport the listener to a dreamscape filled with vivid images of world's past and present, beckoning you to stay with her for a while...

You can find out more about Jaime's beautiful music on her Contributor Page or find out more on her website.


Dragons & Unicorns


Dragons & Unicorns, Photo by Lunaesque

We stopped for a chat with A.J. and Steve from Dragons & Unicorns. They say: "Dragons & Unicorns is a made to order costumers based in the UK. Set up in 2006 by myself, "A J" Machin and my daughter Natalie, the company was created after we met Richard Taylor & Tania Rodger, co-owners of Weta Workshop, at the Fellowship Festival in 2005. Richard and Tania were very impressed when they saw Steve dressed in King Théoden's war armour which we had built and said that we were "incredibly talented people". This was all the inspiration we needed to create and re-create costumes for like-minded people, at affordable prices. "

The rest.. as they say.. is history!

You can find out more about these amazing costumiers on their website.



by Jonathan Kershaw

Bizarre Tales

"'Too medieval to be folk; too folk to be rock; too rock to be medieval...!'

Jonathan is a guitarist/songwriter originally from Yorkshire in northern England but now based on the south coast. Although known in various areas for his rock playing, he has quietly been applying his talents to an altogether different sound. In his early 20s, Jonathan relocated for a number of years to Somerset in the Southwest of the UK. This was quite a rural area and provided his first insight into folk and Celtic style music.

Andrasta (Andraste) was the Romano-Celtic goddess of war. Her name means the "Invincible One". Andrasta was a patron goddess of the Iceni tribe. It was said that Boudicca, the British warrior queen prayed to Andrasta, before going into battle the against her Roman foes. It is believed that the goddess received human sacrifices. [source]

Queen Boudicca by John Opie

Acoustic Goth

A quick mention that both Jonathan Kershaw and Beck Siàn are touring together with a collection of their music with a Beautiful Ghosts and Bizarre Tales tour! Jointly coming from musical backgrounds in rock, classical and traditional Celtic music, Beck and Jonathan create a supernatural and melancholic soundscape with siren-esque vocals to suit. Visit their site at Acoustic Goth to find out more.

You can find out more about these amazing performers on their Contributor Page or on their website.


Ave Mater, Dou Way Robin

by Serpentyne

Stella Splendens

Serpentyne mix mediaeval songs and dance tunes with contemporary beats... songs in Occitan, Old French, Old English and Latin create an exciting and magical atmosphere. Driving salterello and estampie dance rhythms from mediaeval Europe are combined with Maggie's voice and instruments such as hurdy-gurdy, cittole, harmonium and keyboards.

What a superb and engaging performance they gave us - the whole audience was on their feet!

Here you can listen to Ave Mater Dou Way Robin, which is based on an original 13th/14th Century piece! You can find this superb track on their enchanting album Stella Splendens.

You can find out more about these amazing performers on their Contributor Page or on their website.


Seventh Heaven


Annie from Seventh Heaven

We spoke to Annie Whittaker from Seventh Heaven and she told us that at Seventh Heaven we source our products as ethically as we possibly can. We buy from friends and contacts around the world that help them and their communities. Annie is a Shamanic Practitioner, trained by Eliana Harvey at Shamanka School of Woman's Shamanism in Dorset, England She is a clairvoyant medium and teacher of spiritual development.

You can find out more about Annie, her services and the wonderful gifts she sells on her website at seventh-heaven-online.


In the Belly of an Ice Giant

by Ash Mandrake

Footprints from a Tribal ID

Ash is a totally unique and thoroughly engaging performer. He has us spellbound with his intricate music built up using his specialist, self-designed guitar (with a wiring loom to make Mercedes-Benz proud!) and multiple loop-machines to add vocal layering. He built up songs that were almost operatic in scope (along with a unique version of Shine On, You Crazy Diamond which can be found on YouTube!).

We were also lucky enough to see him perform a soulful duet of 'Vincent' with Beck Siàn!

Ash's studio and Live work are focused differently. The stage show is about entertainment. The studio work is about making art. The live show incorporates hats, stories, comedy, loop machines, a double necked guitar and theatrical engagement with the audience. All soundscapes are built live without the use of backing tracks. Choice of genre is wide ranging and eclectic. The show brings together covers and originals in sets which are carefully crafted to move through changes in energy and emotional states, leaving the audience on a high.

The best introduction to the amazing range of this avant-garde Fae Bard, Ash Mandrake is this video that he made to explain how his performances work. Here you can see how his sound is built up live - as well as have an introduction to his Top Hats!


Julia Arts


Julia Arts Body-painting

JuliaArts offer a range of services from Portslade based artist and face painter Julia Harris and her friends. Art, beauty and playfulness are good for everybody and can be part of every day and any day; From party entertainment or 'having a go' at an art evening, to creating and capturing something memorable...Whether you are flamboyantly creative, or quietly appreciative you can now find out all about the photographers and friends, face painting and treasures, photo shoots and party packages becoming available through JuliaArts and the publications and places we appear in!

You can find out more about Julia, her services and the wonderful things she and her team can do on her website.

The amazing face-paint that Debz did for Ruthie

Debz says: I received such good feedback that I decided to give it a go for a living with Debz Faces. I have been painting professionally now for around 8 months during which time I have painted at children's parties, adult parties, wedding receptions & corporate events.

Our beautiful daughter and grand-daughter!


Gypsy Witch

by Spriggan Mist

Soul Retriever

The rocking sound of Spriggan Mist can be heard in this show with their awesome track, Gypsy Witch. Folk Rock band Spriggan Mist are a group of accomplished musicians backing up the crystal clear voice of Max and the deep warm Earthy vocals of Baz as they mingle beautifully to take us on an ethereal journey. their music brings to life a world of traditions and magic which is often dark and sinister.... It is all that is familiar to us but which nonetheless stirs something within us that is not only less familiar but can at times take you beyond the constraints of this world.

They are a pagan, Fae, Celtic band with a rocking background that sets your foot tapping! Their new album, Ghostly Tales, is set for release and it looks like a corker! You can find more about Spriggan Mist on their Contributor Page or on their website.


Wicca Woman


Pixie and John travel the Festival circuit bringing an astounding range of beautiful clothing to Festival go-ers! They stock all sixes up to size 32 and Pixie is always ready to lend help and advice where needed - a lovely lady! John gives her much needed backup when things get busy - lol :) They don't have a website sadly, so just keep your eyes open for the 'Wicca Woman' sign as you travel around and say that Gary & Ruth from the Celtic Myth Podshow said to say 'Hi'!


Celtic Farewell


Night of the Vampires

Roxircle is an alternative folk-rock band based in Totnes, Devon; formed in 2006 by vocalist Deanna Royle and guitarist Dave Morris. Inspired by their shared interest in British folklore and a fascination with the supernatural; they began writing and recording songs in their own home studio. An amazing, high-energy band with a knack for writing songs that just won't leave your head! Check out their Celtic Farewell in this show as a superb example. We're proud to let them sing us out in style!

ROxIRcLE with Emma

They had a mystery bassist with them at the Faerie Festival! 'Brother Carl' stepped in for Ruby, the band's normal bass player. Pictured above is a picture of the band with our friend Emma (in her pink wig!) after they had wished her Happy Birthday! Such kind folks :)

You can find more about ROxIRcLE on their Contributor Page or on their website.

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Gary & Ruthie xxx