A mighty eagle soars through icy winds to find the eldest animal

In the time of St Ciaran, we hear about a day of incredibly bad weather. The ancient and mighty Eagle, Léithin, sets off on a quest to discover whether there was ever a day of worse weather. This tale, re-discovered in 1916, re-tells a common theme in Celtic Mythology - the search for the oldest animal.

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Running Order:

  • Intro 0:41
  • News & Views 1:18
  • Story 2:13
  • Listener Feedback -Joanne 128:57
  • Promo - UCD Scholarcast 30:14

We hope you enjoy it!

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Released: 20th February 2009, 34m

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News & Views

We introduce our new Forum board for people wanting to make contact with other, far-flung members of their families.


On Frozen Wings

Names Used in this Story

Listed in order of appearance

For more information about the Characters below, see our Biographies section.

  • St Ciarán
  • Erin
  • Cluan
  • Sailmín
  • Beogan
  • Maolán
  • Naoi
  • Burren
  • Shannon
  • Clauin Mhic Nois
  • Clonmacnoise
  • Cluain Dóimh
  • Drum Biobraid
  • Léithin
  • Dubhchosach
  • Cliach
  • Binn Gulbain
  • Dubhgoire
  • Clonfert
  • Berchán
  • Liffey
  • Kildare
  • Lughaid
  • Goll
  • Easruadh
  • Assaroe
  • Eigne of Ath-Seannaigh
  • Mac Modhairn
  • Fir Bolg
  • Fintan
  • Patholan
  • Aife
  • Ulad
  • Glas
  • Aimbithe
  • Emania
  • Nemedh
  • Tuatha De Danaan
  • Fomorians
  • Sons of Milesius
  • Patrick
  • Alprunn
  • Noé
  • Laimhfhiach
  • Sem
  • Cam
  • Japhet
  • Laimhfhiadhach
  • Friomsa Furdhachta
  • Hawk of Achill


Listener Feedback


We read a message from listener Joanne and send a shout out of thanks to James, Hi-coo and Ian from Derby for the reviews in iTunes


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Sources used in this Episode