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Hosted by Raymond McCullough, in Belfast, Northern Ireland:
with music from:

Northern Exposure, (Northern Ireland, UK)
- Co. Clare, (Looking Backward to Look Forward);

Kari Groff-Denis, (New York City, USA)
- Charlie's Angel, (Jumping Through Hoops);

Doug Folkins, (BC, Canada)
- Pour Me Another, (Another Last Call);

The Dregs, (St. Paul, Minnesota, USA)
- Wagon Wheel, (Uncorked);

Peter Paul Parker, (UK)
- I Believe, (Stepping Up);

Anne Roos, (California, USA)
- Considine’s Grove, (Trad. Irish hornpipe), (A Light in the Forest);

The Langer's Ball, (Minnesota, USA)
- Raglan Road, (As I Roved Out);

Scott Boswell, (Texas, USA)
- Thistle, (Thistle)