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Hosted by Raymond McCullough, in Belfast, Northern Ireland:  

with music from:

Glenn Simmons, (Newfoundland, Canada) - 

'O'Brien', ( Sweet Vanilla...and Assorted Flavours 

The Magees, (Wisconsin, USA) - 

'Jerry O'Sullivans/Mick O'Connor', (Single)


 Frank Emerson, (Virginia, USA) - 

'Wild Geese of the Irish Brigade', ( Single


Kickin Grass Band, (North Carolina, USA) - 

'Pot Liquor', (  On The Short Rows 


Rick Garvin, (Alberta, Canada) - 

'Round Round', ( Evolution


 The Moonzie Allstars, (Scotland, UK) - 

'The Hippophant', ( Hypnagogic )


 Brigid Kaelin, (Kentucky, USA) - 

'Ballad of Motorcycle Joe', (  Keep Your Secrets 


Louise Latham, (Wales, UK) - 

'Saint', ( Reclaimed 


Produced by Precious Oil Productions Ltd for Celtic Roots Radio