Blake and Brian are back together again and have some serious catching up to do..

Brian has acquired some new gear and talks about how a certain piece sparked inspiration for a whole new concept coming soon from Wampler Pedals.

Over the last couple of weeks Blake has picked up a desire to start pickin’ the chickens .Brian has some advice for where to turn on YouTube for some tutoring. Wonder how chicken pickin’ sounds with fuzz?.

Brian has also spent the last couple of weeks on a journey of his own. Looking for something a little different, Brian turned his focus on expanding the podcast. Interviewing some YouTubers in the guitar field and hanging out with Hank Williams III.

Brian’s Tele’s are a little jealous of the new PRS, Blake is working on getting a custom guitar, and a look at the Bit Commander. All in this week’s Chasing Tone Podcast.

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