Brian, Blake, and Richard are back for an all-new episode of the Chasing Tone Podcast!

Brian has invented a time machine and tells all about how it works in an exciting twist of fate and it doesn't get any cleverer as it progresses to Brian practicing his rolling Rs. Meanwhile in England, Richard has received a special package and gives us a live review before telling us a Twitter fuelled anecdote.

Blake has been talking to Robert Keeley and he and Brian discuss the podcast they made together. He has also been thinking about guitars with extra strings like the giant spider brained genius he is and tells us of his new GAS situation. Meanwhile, Brian is dreaming of Baritone telecasters, and Richard asks dumb questions (again) before broaching the delicate subject of strap locks with Brian.

What's the most you would pay for a Boss DS-1?  Kurt Cobain's DS-1 sold for a shockingly high amount of money and the guys ponder about this very question while Richard hatches a cunning plan to taunt Brian with natural pests.  Then we turn to the greatest flatulence based pedal that Brian never released and the guys come up with a few improvements.

Sweetened wood, Gene Simmons root beer, Extra risk butter, BTO, Phone Mojo, Mononeon's all in this week's Chasing Tone!

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