Brian, Blake, and Richard are back for an all-new episode of the Chasing Tone Podcast!

Welcome, listeners, to some serious guitar talk! This week the biggest subject has to be the new Notaklon pedal construction set from the fine folk at JHS and we look at the sheer marketing genius that went into this release. Richard is impressed and dismayed in equal measure and predicts the future of internet memes. Brian has ideas and Blake postulates that guitarists shouldn't own soldering irons before Brian gives a rather major hint and then grows increasingly confused about his own pedals.

What's the weirdest music conspiracy theory you have ever heard? Richard opens up this debate based around a video he watched and Brian makes a world podcasting exclusive before discussing some news in the tech world. He also has beef with a waxwork model of Jimi Hendrix and tells us why. Richard witnessed the actor Jason Momoa recreating the graphics for the Wampler Pantheon on SNL and it blew his mind and talks to us about it with some mild idiocy.

Blake channels his inner lycanthrope and Brian dreams of wearables while the guys return the debate to Idiocracy. Meanwhile in the Shred Shed young Blake ponders the desirability of a pedal that bestows the tonality of an MP3 on your guitar before the subject of limited use pedals comes up. Richard lowers the tone when he mentions a disgusting pizza before he moves on to biscuits and gravy and Blake tells him why he is wrong about nearly everything.

Merterherd, The three pedal stooges, Circuit learnetry, Jabba the Hutt, Joe Satriani, Cheeto's all in this week's Chasing Tone!

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