Brian, Blake, and Richard are back for Episode 508 of the Chasing Tone Podcast

It's podcast day, and Brian has avoided being sucked into a funnel cloud, so we start the episode of with an extra dose of frivolity and nonsensical mutterings. There is camping talk and weather talk and Richard campaigns for moderate weather conditions. Wampler Pedals made a social media post involving Brian's take on the infamous Rockman and the guys chat about how it was created.

There were some great April fool's gags this year and the guys talk about some of their favorites and Blake tells us all about the one he was involved in for Gun Street Wiring. Richard makes an apology. There was a question submitted to the guys about buffers and the guys go deep into the weeds with it, the importance of impedance, and other general nerd topics. Brian redefines important technical terms.

Richard is a little nervous about an upcoming band rehearsal so distracts himself by talking about his pedalboard and the choices he made. Somehow this ends up back at a chat about the Rockman sound again and Brian makes musical impersonations. Blake shows Brian some vintage Bucket Brigade chips and he gets very excited. There's been some controversy with some deepfaking of guitar impresario and UFO enthusiast Rob Chapman and the guys debate it.

Mullets aplenty, Cusack's jacks, Squelch, Harley Benton, Agnes Obel, The Specials's all in this week's Chasing Tone!

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