Everything that developers do is DX (Developer Experience). But, it can be hard to know when it is appropriate to spend the time to improve the DX at your workplace. You also might be curious about what you can do to enhance the DX.

Repetitive tasks are an easy one to look out for. If you find yourself doing something again and again it's probably worth automating. This could come in the form of tests, scripts, generators, and snippets! For example, if you find yourself having to test some state that takes multiple steps to reach on your website, try using Cypress to automate reaching that state!

If improving your DX sounds interesting to you, check out this episode where Ian Sutherland chats about a variety of practical things you could be doing to enhance it.


  • Automate a tedious task that you have to do often


Guest: Ian Sutherland

Host: Kent C. Dodds