Kent's spent the last several months completely focused on rewriting his website, recording new episodes for Chats with Kent, and creating an all new podcast called the Call Kent Podcast.

Michael Chan joins Kent to ask him about the motivation to rewrite with Remix. Kent explains what technology he used to create the unique experience on the site and why Gatsby falls short of the needs of most apps. Michael also asks about the new teams feature of and how it helps you get more out of the content.

Kent also introduces the new Call Kent Podcast where people like you "call" in right in your browser and record a ~2 minute question or discussion topic. Then your recording and Kent's response is turned into a podcast episode. It's a fun new way to engage and participate in the greater KCD community.

Lots of exciting stuff to unpack in this first episode of Season 4 of Chats with Kent!


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Guest: Michael Chan

Host: Kent C. Dodds