Twitter and Instagram had a problem that would ordinarily be simple on smaller scales. They needed to be able to generate IDs on the order of millions per second. Twitter used a brute force method of having a triple-redundant service that generates the IDs. However, Instagram had the elegant solution of inserting a little script that could generate thousands of IDs per second but was sharded across 256 nodes.

This illustrates that with the right abstraction for the job, you'll be saved a ton of time and resources. This has been Remix's philosophy.

There was a lot of stuff that we have built in the current generation of web frameworks where the browser actually has a really good primitive already for that solution. In the same way that the spirit of React is "just use JavaScript", the spirit of Remix is just use the web. And in the process of using Remix, you are going to learn more about the web.

So give Remix a try! And see for yourself the power that the browser gives you.



Guest: Michael Jackson

Host: Kent C. Dodds