Building our apps to be accessible is absolutely necessary, but building a great a11y friendly experience is extremely challenging when we ourselves aren't in a situation that requires the use of a screenreader is keyboard-only navigation.

We can't fully rely on tools to audit the a11y score of our apps. With the challenge being distinctly human, computers aren't able to get a complete picture.

That's why it's necessary for you to use these alternative methods for web navigation yourself. Try navigating your app's pages blindfolded while using a screen reader, or trying to just use the keyboard. If you find your website is unusable, consider it a bug. Accessibility is not an enhancement.

So if you're curious about what you can do to make your apps more accessible, check out this episode where Sandrina chats about methods that you can start using today.


  • Implement one of the following options in your app:
  • Disable all of the CSS and see if your app still makes sense visually
  • Use your app in direct sunlight. Spot any contrast issues
  • Navigate your app with only a keyboard
  • Blindfold yourself and try using your app with a screen-reader


Guest: Sandrina Pereira

Host: Kent C. Dodds